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Unlock the intelligence within your data.

AI powered document processing and automated data extraction.


Zanran has created an AI powered engine to unlock the vast repository of data from within documents, making the data available for search, analytics, insights and workflow automation.

Zanran is domain agnostic and can be used across a broad set of industries and use cases



Zanran addresses key business challenges (time/cost) in accessing information, processing data and seamlessly integrating in to automation workflows.

Save Time and Reduce Errors

Zanran saves time by automatically processing reports and other documents removing the need for manual processing. It greatly reduces errors by automatically checking and validating numerical data.

Any Document
Any Industry

Zanran's AI deep learner models can be trained to process documents types from most industries.

Unlock data

Zanran unlocks data , including tables, trapped within PDFs and scanned documents,.

Intuitive Visual Interface

Zanran's intuitive solution provides an environment to visualise, tag, label, and enrich document content.


Zanran’s AI-powered document automation software, using deep learners turns unstructured, unlabelled and fragmented information found in reports and large document repositories of organisations into structured


How Zanran is being used


Zanran enables financial information providers to quickly access numerical and tabular data from their documents.


Zanran has transformed audit workflows by quickly extracting data and highlighting errors in draft accounts. This drastically reduces the time spent by auditors.


Zanran prepares a company to take its next steps in digital transformation, allowing them to unlock any data to be used in their processes and workflows, supporting their RPA, Analytics, and Data Discovery goals.

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