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For auditors

Zanran helps with the final stages of an audit - checking the annual report or financial statement

Automated audit checker

Zanran's Automated Audit Checker detects anomalies in  tables in annual reports and financial statements - casting and cross-casting  (US equivalent:  ‘footing’ and ‘cross-footing’).

Zanran's software takes the slog out of the audit check. It saves time and increases accuracy.  It enables you to:

  • Detect any casting (footing) errors in minutes

  • Validate your checks and maintain audit trail

  • Identify number format errors (e.g. comma for dot)

  • Communicate errors to clients/colleagues via notes/annotations

  • Export tables to Excel directly

  • Check calculations quickly using the onboard calculator



When you get revised documents back from clients or colleagues you can quickly see what they've changed.  Not just what they say they've changed.

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