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for RPA teams

Speed up your RPA programming with Zanran’s Data Platform.

Search and extract specific data points from tables in reports and documents. 

The video, below, gives you a simple example based on financial statements.

Zanran’s Data Platform provides a mix of digitization, extraction and search.  It allows you – through the API or the manual interface - to

  • Extract tables from financial documents

Example:  pull out all tables as Excel for my RPA programme

  • Identify specific tables

Example:  find the Balance Sheet

  • Data-point extraction

Example:  find the cash balance in 2021 for 100 private companies

  • Calculate values

Example:  get the Quick Ratio for 25 loan applicants

  • Text extraction

Example:  find all the paragraphs that mention ‘Regulatory Risk'

  • Human-in-the-loop validation

Example:  visual interface to validate results and keep humans in control

Contact us to discuss how Zanran's API could save you hours of programming. 
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